Digitization Services

As a freelance archivist, I digitize home video from VHS or Mini-DV to digital files, which I can then burn to a disc for you or send to you electronically.

Why should you choose my services over a large company?

  • Proper Storage
    • Many large services store your home media at high temperatures that can deteriorate its quality. I will make sure to store your media safely.
  • Individual Attention
    • Because companies are trying to get the best profit margin, they will overcharge you while only giving minimal attention to your media. In contrast, I will take care in digitizing your materials.
  • Repair
    • I will check your media for issues and repair it accordingly.

I currently digitize VHS media for the Knoxville Museum of Art as well as Tru-TV.

If you are interested in my digitization services, please email me@janinewinfree.com